Warehouse Management Systems 

Robocom’s Warehouse Management Systems – we have three different products – each designed to be flexible and cost-effective. Each product integrates with leading front-end business systems and provides supply chain visibility critical to success in today's global marketplace.  Robocom’s WMS products are user-friendly, menu-driven applications, each designed to satisfy the requirements of industry-specific warehouse operations. 

  • ROC is designed for Food and Beverage Distribution and is loaded with options and functions for tracking catch weight, lot numbers and four levels of sell by dates, with 65 standard wireless RF functions, a fully integrated Yard Manager and Load Building tool.
  • RIMS is more suited to the Wholesale Distribution business, handling a variety of picking, packing and stocking rules across a large number of SKU’s, and often interfaced to a variety of external material handling technologies.
  • is a fully SaaS enabled product, well designed for the demands of Third Party Logistics, Publishing Distribution and e-Commerce Fulfillment operations. comes with an added module for storage and handling billing, critical to the Third Party Logistics provider.

Managing Warehouse Resources

Every warehouse manager has direct responsibility for inventory, people, space and equipment.  All three of Robocom’s Warehouse Management Systems are designed to help you optimize the use of those resources and minimize the cost.  Here’s how Robocom can help:

Inventory – The functions of our WMS solutions provide near perfect inventory management control with the use of mobile wireless terminals and bar code scanners.  Each offers robust functionality aimed at specific types of warehouse operations and is fully configurable, allowing the use of specific functions and processes that meet the demanding needs of Supply Chain managers.  Tightly controlled inventory means you can reduce inventory levels while providing very high order fill rates, eliminate costly physical inventory counts, and avoid wasted labor caused by inaccurate inventory records. Improving Warehouse Efficiency

People – Each WMS works without paper, allowing you to direct the work in the warehouse via wireless terminals.  Paperless operations combined with inventory accuracy boosts productivity in the warehouse by 10% to 15%!  Add in our Labor Management system and boost productivity even higher.

Space – Any one of Robocom’s WMS solutions will manage the physical locations in your warehouse, using parameters and rules that you configure and control, resulting in very high space utilization.  Reduce your inventory and improve the efficient use of your space.

Equipment – Improved productivity means less wear and tear on your equipment.  Each WMS plans efficient paths for work and reduces the time spent and miles driven. 


Improving Accuracy

Our Warehouse Management Systems delivers near 100% inventory accuracy, not just in terms of the quantity on hand for each item in the warehouse, but also the quantity on hand of each item in each location for each lot or pallet.  High inventory accuracy combined with paperless order picking means very high pick accuracy.  Can you imagine how much money such high accuracy will save your operation?

High Visibility

Supply Chain visibility is growing in importance.  Robocom clients maintain clear views of activity and business information in their warehouse operations. Each WMS provides on-screen visibility to a variety of key performance indicators and information, in a form that can easily be shared with sales, accounting, planning and management. 


With Robocom's Warehouse Management Systems, you can enhance warehouse profitability and inventory management by decreasing inventory levels, improving order fulfillment, reducing order cycle time, and improving productivity.

Improve Customer Relationships

  • Decrease turnaround time with order pooling and pick planning
  • Maximize order fill rates through improved inventory accuracy and visibility
  • Ship the right product to the right place at the right time
  • Track smaller, more frequent orders so your customers get exactly what they need  Warehouse Managing

Reduce Operating Expenses

  • Eliminate costly annual physical inventories
  • Reduce carrying costs through accurate product tracking and placement
  • Lower shipping costs by reducing shipping errors
  • Decrease time and money spent correcting employee errors through an extensive audit trail

Increase Warehouse and Distribution Center Efficiencies

  • Optimize employee and equipment resources through intelligent workflow management
  • Maximize efficiency in product placement with configurable storage rules
  • Permit primary and secondary product locations with rule-driven bin replenishment
  • Ensure accurate product tracking with configurable cycle counting, throughout the warehouse
  • Enable quick availability of received items with Advanced Ship Notices and UCC standards compliance

Trusting your warehouse to Robocom’s Warehouse Management Systems adds stability and reliability to supply chain execution and allows you to operate with increased warehouse efficiency.

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