Voice Picking 

Voice Picking software is one of the latest technologies to gain popularity in the warehouse.  The clear advantage that voice picking offers is providing a hands free option to the person working in the warehouse, boosting his or her productivity.

Here’s how voice picking works...
There are four main components to R-Voice:  women in a warehouse with a voice picking headset on

1. Hardware – a wireless terminal is worn by the user, usually in a belt pack, with a headset and boom microphone attached to the terminal.  There are a variety of hardware configurations available to fit your warehouse needs.

2. Voice Speaker – software “speaks” commands and instructions to the user via the headset.  This ability to speak commands and access data through a voice that is easy to understand is the key to eliminating paper pick lists or wireless RF terminals, providing a hands free solution to allow the employee to perform the work required.

3. Voice recognition – a separate part of the voice picking application “listens” to the user’s voice as he or she confirms data.  The user normally reads a check digit from a location or pallet to confirm he has found the correct item, then confirms the quantity being picked.  A variety of commands are used for adjustments or other problems that may occur.

4. Voice server – the main application that coordinates work with the WMS and handles efficient interaction with the voice terminals.

What Are The Benefits of Voice Picking Software?

R-Voice improves warehouse productivity and worker safety!                     

R-Voice users report accuracy that is equal to or better than what is achieved with wireless RF and bar code solutions and much higher than paper picking. Warehouse productivity gains of 
15% to 25% can be realized.   3d graph of a rising arrow

In addition to productivity gains, people on the floor are working in a safer environment. As operators are able to work in a 'heads-up, hands-free' manner, R-Voice users are experiencing an improved safety environment when compared to the 'heads-down, hands-occupied' situation when an operator is reading a RF screen or a sheet of paper.

Learn how you can implement Robocom's voice picking software R-Voice to add voice picking to your warehouse management system, request more information today!



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