Providing customers with a quick and easy way to interface to your business 7/24 is critical to any trucking operation who wants to provide outstanding customer service. Centerline’s trucking software web interface allows you to create a powerful customer portal that gives customers access to the information and tools that they need.  Centerline’s new Web Portal provides secure access for your customer to Order Entry, Advanced Track & Trace and Document Retrieval. 

The functionality available via the Web Portal Trucking Software includes: illustrated magnifying glass looking at a warehouse box

  • Making a pick-up request and entering the order details
  • Checking the status of orders
  • Tracking & tracing freight orders
  • Checking POD
  • Accessing Custom reports

EDI with ACE/ACI Interfaces

Centerline’s Trucking Software EDI engine enables the exchange of information with customers and interline carriers via a variety of EDI exchange options.  Centerline EDI also includes the ACE and ACI EDI interfaces necessary for cross-border shipments.

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