Centerline Integrated Accounting is a full-featured suite of highly adaptable financial applications that meet the needs of a range of business accounting requirements. With a simple and user-friendly interface, Integrated Accounting is a modular  accounting package that is extremely stable even in the most demanding environments.  Centerline Integrated Accounting provides general and custom accounting modules to meet the unique needs of our customers.  Our GAAP-based general accounting suite includes:

General Ledger - The Centerline General Ledger provides flexible financial reporting and accounting necessary to fulfill the needs of a large or growing multi-faceted organization. Recurring, reversing, and adjusting entries are available to minimize data entry. The Financial Report Generator enables the user to produce statements in a variety of formats and combinations of departments, divisions, or companies. An extensive audit trail traces every transaction back to its original source.

Accounts Receivable - Accounts Receivable functions provide greater control and flexibility in tracing customer sales activity and payment behavior. Each customer's sales history, payment history, ageing, and internal note system are carefully monitored and reported, enabling management to make timely and informed decisions. Centerline’s comprehensive A/R module provide full visibility into customer sales history, payment history, aging and credit management.

Accounts Payable - Accounts Payable functions track vendor activity as well as every transaction that can affect the accounts payable balance. Making payments is an easy and flexible process. Documents may be placed on hold, selected individually for payment or selected automatically by the system under user control designed to maximize cash flow and take advantage of available discounts. The system is tightly integrated with a number of specialized applications or it may be run simply as a stand-alone package. Track and manage vendor payment activity with automated check processing.

Route Distributors - Centerline for Route Distribution software is specially designed module for business operators who distribute products to their customers on a regular schedule. Centerline for Route Distribution is excellent for operations that generate a high volume of invoices per day (average of 500/day).  Drivers realize incredible order taking efficiencies from faster and more accurate data entry.  The extensive price tables enable variable pricing by customer based on volume of negotiated discounts improving  inventory management, receivables and the GL.  Using the sales analysis tools, management can generate reports by product and by customers to maximize profitability on every delivery.  Route Distribution basic package includes: Sales Orders, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, and General Ledger. 

Driver Settlement - Centerline’s Driver  Management tools allows you to keep track of key information about your drivers. Track and manage address information, driver’s license details, medical expiry dates and more including a variety of user definable fields.  In addition to the driver management tools, Centerline’s powerful driver settlement tool tracks driver activities and prepares gross pay based on these activities. It handles a wide variety of gross pay calculations based on miles/km travelled, hours worked, weight transported and many more.

Interline Payables - The use of third party carriers or “interlines” to serve customers is commonplace for most of today’s carriers. Centerline TMS delivers the tools necessary to manage these third party relationships. The Interline Management module keeps track of the terms of business with each interline carrier, it controls and monitors the movement of freight through partners and it ensures that the transactions are recorded and billed accurately either individually or on a consolidated bill. The end result is problem free relationships with key partners and fewer customer service issues.

Centerline Reporting - Centerline comes with over fifty standard reports built right in!  Use Crystal Reports to create your own unique reports, using Centerline’s extensive database of key information on Financial, Operations, Administrative, Sales, Productivity, etc.

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