Robocom’s Labor Management System 

R-Labor provides distributors with the tools needed to control labor costs in the warehouse by managing labor utilization and productivity. R-Labor presents supervisors and managers with a dashboard, allowing them to monitor key performance indicators quickly and easily. Warehouse managers can “drill” into variousman looking at a computer in a warehouse detailed screens and reports to see how each employee is performing today, how much work is open for the day, and how many people are required in each area of the warehouse to complete the work.

Robocom uses modern engineering techniques to set time standards based on distance, time and other elements, in such a way that a “target” time can be calculated for individual worksets and an employee’s performance can be assessed against the target time. The labor standards we develop are based upon the motions to accomplish the task using the prescribed methods. Our Standards Generator uses Master Standard Data (MSD), which is a pre-determined system based on Methods Time Measurement (MTM). MSD has been widely used in the warehousing industry since 1981.

Whatever your situation, complex or simple, small or large warehouse, one or more warehouses, union or non-union labor, Robocom has the right labor standards approach to meet your operational needs.


R-Labor enables many labor management capabilities:


  • Monitor employee performance in real time
  • Define system configurations and file settings by warehouse
  • Conduct analysis of actual employee performance to target performance
  • Identify and correct employee performance issues promptly
  • Evaluate work and performance by employee, job area, supervisor, shift, warehouse and more
  • Input adjustments for time and work allocations
  • View future, active and completed work by job area in cases and hours


Productivity gains of 25% or more in 90 to 120 days 

In as little as 3 to 4 months following the implementation of a Labor Management System, most employees should be able to achieve an average performance of 95 to 100% of standard. This rapid improvement in employee performance allows companies to begin to recognize an immediate return on their investment. Within 6 months the average performance of all employees should approach 100% of standard. These performance improvements drive labor cost savings that go directly to the bottom line; not just the first year, but annually.

Benefits that Robocom’s Labor Management System can deliver include: 


  • Accurate measures of productivity
  • Reduction in lost or wasted time
  • Better utilization of all resources
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Greater throughput
  • Reduction in overtime
  • Increased accuracy
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction
  • A motivated workforce
  • Reduction in operational cost
  • Improved customer service levels


In addition to the initial cost savings that become recurring annual savings, an equally impressive long term gain comes as a result of stabilizing the work force. Costs associated with new employees – recruiting, training, learning curve, weeding out bad hires, etc. all decline significantly with a stable workforce.

Operations leveraging current warehouse management technologies, that on the surface appear to be well managed with hard working employees, are often surprised to learn the degree of labor performance improvement that is still possible for them to achieve. These companies are surprised to find that employees working in labor intensive areas of the warehouse were performing at less than 70% of standard once a Labor Management System and the associated labor standards have been implemented.

Want to identify the Labor Management benefits that await your warehouse operation?

Ask for more information today and discover the labor saving that await your operations.


Labor Management Services

Ensure reliable, predictable distribution performance by identifying the labor practices, methods, and procedures suitable for your operation. Robocom offers the labor management software and services necessary for the development of customized engineered labor standards. With the help of our supply chain and labor management services professionals, you can implement labor management practices that will strengthen profitability, increase productivity, and improve quality.

Our labor management services include:

  • R-Labor Implementation Support – there are a number of key steps that must be performed by our engineers as part of an R-Labor project. 
  • Site Survey – one of our engineers can determine the labor cost savings you can realize by implementing various new technologies to help justify the project.  Site surveys can point out areas of low productivity and help assess which modules and technologies should be adopted.
  • Site Audit – a site audit fine-tunes the labor standards in use in R-Labor.  
  • Performance Incentive Plans – if you are planning to implement an incentive plan to help drive productivity even higher, our engineers can provide helpful advice and input.  
  • Standards Engineering – Robocom pioneered an approach to using benchmark standards as an alternative to developing fully engineered labor standards for each site.  There may be times when a fully engineered standard is preferred to achieve a high level of precision, perhaps for a critical, high volume or very unique task.

 Engineering Approach 

We believe you have the right to expect a fair day’s work from your employees and we set the labor standards to reflect that belief. When an employee works at 100% of the labor standards we generate, he or she will have produced a fair day’s work. We do not set labor standards that require extra effort in order to achieve 100% employee performance. We believe labor standards that are set too high are discouraging for employees and supervisors and they end up achieving less output, not more. 

Our Engineers will work with your company to help warehouse employees and managers achieve optimal levels of productivity within the guidelines of good safety practices. They are skilled at working with employees and managers alike, challenging existing thinking, while showing a better way of doing the job at hand. 

Key implementation steps performed by Robocom engineers:      

  • Review of current systems, methods and procedures
  • Identification of best practices, methods and procedures
  • Production labor standards development and validation
  • Implementation of labor standards
  • Training for employees, supervisors and management
  • Project management and start up support
  • Maintenance of production and labor standards validation audits

 Training is provided to educate managers and supervisors on the effective use of R-Labor. Supervisors will be trained to use R-Labor as a management tool and as the basis for on-going coaching of employees. It is important that supervisors use the system on a daily basis to reinforce the fact that employee productivity is actually being monitored  in order to improve employee performance . Supervisor training is intended to improve communication with the workforce and provide the necessary training to enable employees to attain 100% of the labor standard. 

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