MIT Plans Open Supply Chain Management Curriculum

Oct 25

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MIT along with Harvard University, Berkeley University of California, and The University of Texas System (and many others) have created an online educational service known as edX that provides “the best courses, from the best professors, and the best schools, spanning dozens of subjects.”

To give you an idea of the potential of the edX platform, consider that the first class taught by an MIT professor as part of the service was in electrical engineering and attracted 155,000 students from 163 countries. These numbers are expected to grow as the edX platform matures.

The SCMx (Supply Chain and Logistics Management) curriculum will take edX in a new direction. SCMx is one of two new offerings (the other one is Foundations of Computer Science) to be introduced over the next year, that are much more expansive than the single courses currently available on the edX platform.


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