Robocom has provided full-scale distribution solutions to some of the world’s largest and most successful distributors. As many of these companies have grown into multi-billion dollar distributors our scalable warehouse management software has met the demands of their warehouse operations.

Over time, we have developed specific functionality to meet the needs of select industries. Listed below are a few of those industries with their related warehouse management software requirements.

Food and Beverage

  • Compliance with government regulations for food safety and security
  • Satisfies all GTIN traceability requirements
  • Warehouse zone management (cooler, dry, freezer, etc.)
  • Company truck and route management
  • Product recall support enabling quick and accurate identification across the supply chain
  • Tracking of shelf life and useful life of products to limit spoilage
  • Quality control and product hold processing
  • Product rotation options for perishable food and date sensitive items
  • Extensive tracking of warehouse activity enabling audit and research capabilities
  • Catch weight capture and processing
  • Lot control management throughout the warehouse
  • Handles a high volume of SKU’s
  • Integration with external material handling equipment (conveyer, carousels, ASRS, etc.)

Third Party Logistics

Industry Solutions
  • Multi-Account (Customer) and Multi-Warehouse capabilities
  • Account/Customer specific EDI data collection and Advance Shipping Notification (ASN)
  • Client configurable labels and forms that can be assigned to your products and/or customers
  • Billing engine that allows the creation of customer specific Invoicing and integration to your AR software
  • Real-Time visibility to your current revenue
  • Customer facing order and Inventory status screens and reports
  • Ability to define customer specific operational processes and workflows
  • Ability to import customer orders
  • Order Management capabilities allow you to run without an ERP system integration as an option


  • Full traceability and inventory rotation of the Print Run Number
  • Item version tracking allows you to separately track the same ISBN with different characteristics
  • ISBN searches that require only partial digit entry (Last Five) making look-ups faster
  • Book Industry Study Group (BISG) compliant
  • Cover Images allow for better accuracy when packing the inventory
  • Returns processes that allow putaway strategies for single piece product returns
  • Standard integration to Manifest systems such as Worldship, Clippership, and NexxShip
  • Customer specific and compliant labeling, EDI data collection, and Advance Shipping Notification (ASN)
  • Invoice in box capability
  • Consignment warehouse inventory tracking for consignment customers.