Robocom’s Warehouse Management System, referred to as R-WMS, is flexible and cost-effective. It integrates with leading front-end business systems and provides supply chain visibility critical to success in today's global marketplace.  R-WMS is a user-friendly, menu-driven application designed to satisfy the requirements of virtually any warehouse operation.

Managing Warehouse Resources

Warehouse Managing

Every warehouse manager has direct responsibility for inventory, people, space and equipment.  R-WMS is designed to help you optimize the use of those resources and minimize the cost.  Here’s how R-WMS can help:

Inventory – The functions of R-WMS provide near perfect inventory management control and product / lot traceability with the use of mobile wireless terminals and bar code scanners.  R-WMS's robust functionality is fully configurable, allowing the use of specific functions and processes that meet the demanding needs of businesses from food and beverage, fasteners, medical supplies, third party logistics, wine and spirit to ice cream warehouses, all while improving inventory accuracy.  Tightly controlled inventory means you can reduce inventory levels while providing very high order fill rates, eliminate costly physical inventory counts, and avoid wasted labor caused by inaccurate inventory records.

People – R-WMS works without paper, allowing you to direct the work in the warehouse via wireless terminals.  This combined with inventory accuracy boosts productivity in the warehouse by 10% to 20%!  Add in our Labor Management system and boost productivity even higher.

Space – R-WMS is designed to manage the physical locations in your warehouse, using parameters and rules that you configure and control, resulting in very high space utilization.  Reduce your inventory and improve the efficient use of your space.

Improving Warehouse EfficiencyEquipment – improved productivity means less wear and tear on your equipment.  R-WMS plans efficient paths for work and reduces the time and miles driven.  Use our robust asset management system to manage your moving assets while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Improving Accuracy

Our Warehouse Management System delivers near 100% inventory accuracy, not just in terms of the quantity on hand for each item in the warehouse, but also the quantity on hand of each item in each location for each lot or pallet.  In the food business, dates and weights are also 100% accurate.  High inventory accuracy combined with paperless order picking means very high pick accuracy.  Can you imagine how much money such high accuracy will save your operation?

High Visibility

Supply Chain visibility is growing in importance.  Robocom clients maintain clear views of activity and business information in their warehouse operations. R-WMS provides on-screen visibility to a variety of key performance indicators and information, in a form that can easily be shared with sales, accounting, planning and management. 

R-WMS Functions

Here’s an overview of the modules and key functional areas of the R-WMS suite of products:

  • Warehouse Management – Basic definable options include functionality for receiving, inspection, quality control, system directed putaway, inventory counting, order picking, loading and shipping. At the item level, three levels of product date plus lot, weight, case serial number and country of origin can all be tracked if needed.
  • Yard Management – R-WMS includes a Yard Manager module providing the functionality to track trailers in the yard, loaded or empty and inbound or outbound. Yard Manager includes yard jockey functions to direct the movement of trailers to and from docks, maximizing the use of dock space. 
  • Product Traceability – R-WMS's real time function utilize bar codes to track individual pallets and cases in the warehouse. This level of precision is critical to accurate inventory control and supply chain visibility.
  • Other Modules – R-WMS is fully integrated with other Robocom modules: Labor Management, Voice Picking, Order Management and Transportation Management tools.  See the notes on our website about these cost-effective supply chain management tools.

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