WMS Software for Third Party Logistics

As a third party logistics provider, customer satisfaction is a top priority. You must be responsive to your customers needs, provide a quality, dependable service at a competitive price while keeping an eye on your businesses bottom line. You face some unique challenges not faced by wholesalers and distributors, so you need to ensure the software you use to manage your operations will handle your unique business requirements. Years of experience working with 3PL’s went into the design of R-WMS.net, Robocom’s WMS Software for third party logistics providers. From inception, this WMS Software was designed to meet the demanding needs of the 3PL industry.

A Comprehensive Warehouse Management System

R-WMS.net enables third party logistics providers to take advantage of current warehouse and internet technologies. Designed to leverage radio frequency and bar code technologies, R-WMS.net delivers accurate, up-to-date real time information aboWMS for 3PLut the status of all activities in the warehouse, enabling you to stay informed about your warehouse operations. And, the browser based WMS Software enables options to deploy the solution on company owned servers in a traditional on premises model or in the cloud using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

3PL Specific Functionality – R-WMS.net will help you meet the demands of your third party logistics operation with capabilities that will allow you to:

  • Define multiple customer profiles within the same warehouse operation
  • Create customer specific operational processes and work flows
  • Manage multiple sites for small or large warehouse operations
  • Maintain Inventory ownership by customer and warehouse
  • Design and produce customer specific forms and compliant labels
  • Enable customers to view reports and gain access to their real time order and inventory data
  • Generate invoices to customers based on storage and operational activity in the warehouse
  • Communicate with multiple customer systems using EDI
  • Integrate with automation equipment, manifest and accounting systems

Core Functionality – R-WMS.net is based on industry best practices and loaded with rich, configurable functionality. Receiving, Putaway, Returns, Inventory Tracking, Cycle Counting, Picking, Packing, Shipping and Productivity Tracking are all part of the core functionality. Management controls and operational visibility are enabled through features such as Email Alerts, Internal Messaging, and Dashboards with Dynamic Real-Time Key Performance Indicators. And, R-WMS.net is user configurable so that as your business changes, you can change your processes without any software development.

Billing Engine – Capture billing transactions for all facets of the warehouse operation and ultimately invoice customers based on those transactions using the fully integrated billing engine. R-WMS.net allows third party logistics providers to track and bill for all work activities within the warehouse, space utilization and more. The billing engine provides for flexible customer pricing, the creation of custom invoicing templates and integration with accounting software.

As the demands of your business grow, this scalable solution will continue to meet your needs by allowing you to manage larger, more complex operations and an increased network of warehouses. Additionally, Robocom’s Voice Picking Solution and Labor Management System are available as add-on software modules to help improve inventory accuracy and operational efficiency in these larger operations. And when capabilities are needed to better control freight cost and improve your ability to plan and schedule freight transportation, we also offer a Transportation Management System.

Implementing R-WMS.net in your third party logistics business will improve inventory and shipping accuracy, boost worker productivity, reduce operational cost, increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction.

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SaaS WMS Offering
  • State of the Art Cloud Services
  • Lower Upfront Capital  Investment
  • Reduction in Internal IT Support Cost
  • Rapid Implementation
  • One Low Monthly Fee
  • Base Package Starting at $1,995/month

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