Robocom is proud of its dedicated and knowledgeable support staff. We understand that even the most knowledgeable customers sometimes require the assistance of a support team. This talented group represents over 95 years of customer support experience. Collectively the group has taught hundreds of training classes and supported go-lives both on site and from afar. Our team has academic degrees in computer science, computer information systems, technical writing, technical communications, teaching, business, and economics and includes certified teachers and help desk analysts as well as certified wireless LAN product and network technicians. Each member is fully trained in all of Robocom's products to provide customers with immediate assistance.

Robocom provides the following help desk services:

Implementation Support

Implementation support ensures a smooth system start-up. Our staff will be with you to offer technical and operational support to warehouse supervisors and operators as well as your technical team. Our presence on site during go-live allows us to assist you in finding solutions to any issues that may arise.

Help Desk Support

Help Desk support is available 24/7. Robocom customers use separate help desk phone lines (and separate e-mail addresses) to directly contact our skilled support technicians. Support technicians immediately examine and address each support issue in order of priority and receipt.

Hardware Support

We have a full, flexible hardware support program covering radio frequency (RF) equipment, printers, servers and workstations. Our technicians are certified with all major RF manufacturers. Whether you need service on legacy equipment or you would like to update to state of the art technology, Robocom has the expertise to help you make the right decisions for your operation.